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  1. Ante Narayana Smrtih;
  2. Srila Prabhupada Appreciation;
  3. Guru Maharaja’s Instructions


Hare Krishna. Festival means to take advantage of the spiritual atmosphere. The most important factor is association of devotees. Srila Prabhupada created such a wonderful arrangement through ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada is allowing us to take full advantage through ISKCON. It is important to recognize Krishna’s identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead; understand how to become a devotee of Krishna and the importance of protecting our spiritual life. Always remember ISKCON gives the perfect protection for your spiritual life so stay in ISKCON then you are safe but if you leave ISKCON then there is no chance to protect your spiritual life. I have seen how so many devotees left ISKCON and their spiritual lives were finished. Fortunately some came back even just before leaving their bodies and in ISKCON the result is going back to Godhead The goal of life is to remember Krishna at the end of life. Remember Narayana at the end and your life was perfect, the life goal was achieved.

SB 2.1.6
Etavan sankhya yogabhyam
Janma-labhah parah pumsam
Ante Narayana smrtih

The highest perfection of human life, achieved either by complete knowledge of matter and spirit, by practice of mystic powers, or by perfect discharge of occupational duty, is to remember the Personality of Godhead at the end of life. Sankhya-yoga is the complete knowledge of matter and spirit; varnasram is the perfect duty of occupation and jnana yoga is the analytical study. The purpose of all spiritual activities is to remember Krishna at the time of death.

“Narayana is the transcendental Personality of Godhead beyond the material creation. Everything that is created, sustained, and at the end annihilated is within the compass of the mahat-tattva (material principle) and is known as the material world. The existence of Narayana, or the Personality of Godhead, is not within the jurisdiction of this mahat-tattva, and as such, the name, form, attributes, etc. of Narayana are beyond the jurisdiction of the material world. By the speculation of empiric philosophy, which discerns matter from spirit, or by cultivation of mystic powers, which ultimately helps the performer to reach any planet of the universe or beyond the universe, or by discharge of religious duties, one can achieve the highest perfection, provided one is able to reach the stage of narayana-smrti, or constant remembrance of the Personality of Godhead. This is possible only by the association of a pure devotee, who can give a finishing touch to the transcendental activities of all jnanis, yogis, or karmis, in terms of prescribed duties defined in the scriptures. There are many historical instances of the achievement of spiritual perfection, such as that of the Sanakadi Åñis or the nine celebrated Yogendras, who attained perfection only after being situated in the devotional service of the Lord. None of the devotees of the Lord ever deviated from the path of devotional service by taking to other methods as adopted by the jnanis or yogis. Everyone is anxious to achieve the highest perfection of his particular activity, and it is indicated herein that such perfection is narayana-smrtih, for which everyone must endeavor his best. In other words, life should be molded in such a manner that one is able to progressively remember the Personality of Godhead in every step of life.”

Initially it’s to enjoy in this life. How to enjoy in this world? The Vedas are giving direction on how to enjoy. Everyone is trying to make money and the goal is to make as much money as possible. With money they can buy what they want and think that they will be happy. This goal is set out of ignorance. Better than that is punya. Money is gross wealth and punya is subtle wealth. Some people are born in a wealthy family and some struggle so hard and cannot even make ends meet. Due to punya they are getting this. They don’t know how to utilize wealth and they suffer. How to utilize punya also? If he has a lot of money he gambles it and become a pauper. If one loots money or gets money by unfair means they go to prison. The Vedas give direction on how to enjoy. Do things in a right way not a wrong way. If you rob the bank you will end up in prison and suffer so there is no enjoyment. Veda offers various ways to fulfill your desires if you want wealth perform these activities; if you want a beautiful wife perform these activities; if you want nice children perform these activities; if you want to become a king perform these activities and if you are still not satisfied and want to become the ruler of the earth planet, then you can become the ruler of the heavenly planet and if you are still not satisfied you can become Indra the King of the heavenly planet and so on. The Vedas gives us the highest position of Brahma. The karma-kanda section explains how one can even become Brahma. An intelligent person will recognize that I did not get inner contentment.

Yoga means relationship between the minute spirit and the Supreme Soul. There are eight limbs of astanga-yoga and Samadhi is the perfection when one sees the Supreme Personality of Godhead and he surrenders himself unto the Lord, that surrender is the beginning of saranagati. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu jive doya kori swa parsada swiya dhama. He descends from the spiritual world with His associates and dham atyanta durlabha prema koribare dana in order to distribute Braja prema. He is teaching living entities how to surrender to Krishna which is the foundation of devotional service. Through yoga he attains samadhi and sees the Lord in the heart, his head bends down in respect and offers himself to the Lord the highest spiritual achievement is devotional service. Engaged in devotional service he has achieved all spiritual perfection. Devotional service is beyond astanga yoga. The process begins with surrender and the goal is to surrender. ante narayana-smrtih Remember Krishna is your supreme shelter. When you surrender Krishna will pick you up.


Srila Prabhupada told me you are trying for so long to enjoy and still you are not happy or satisfied. Just offer this life to Krishna. What is this life and endeavor for material nature? Suffering goes on in the name of material nature. Srila Prabhupada spoke in great length. Just offer this life to Krishna and see what happens. What’s the loss? From that time I realized Srila Prabhupada wanted me to offer this lifetime to Krishna. Just offer this lifetime and see what happens even if nothing happens what’s the loss? Srila Prabhupada is telling us just to offer this life to Krishna. Everyone’s goal should be to offer this life to Krishna. Karma-kanda section gives the fulfillment of desires for happiness but then he realizes there is no happiness. Jnana section he realizes material nature is a place of suffering. Real knowledge is that this place is for suffering and the body is an instrument to receive pain.


Srila Prabhupada is pointing out always remember Krishna and never forget Him so at the time of death you can remember Him. Design you lives accordingly. Make it a point of your life to remember Krishna all the time. Caitanya Mahaprabhu came and gave the holy name and gave the example of chanting the holy name in japa and kirtan very nicely. You have taken a vow to chant 16 rounds everyday and that’s the first contract be very strict about it. Hear nicely when you are chanting. Attentive chanting means hearing properly. The holy name is transcendental sound vibration and is received by hearing. DON’T EVER NEGLECT YOUR CHANTING! I have seen in course of time when one forgets the importance of chanting and the vow of 16 rounds what happens. Please don’t fall into that trap. Chant 16 rounds very very carefully, attentively. If you don’t chant you are not following the process so how will you ever get the result? If you are sick you take the medicine and then you are cured but if you do not take the medicine there is no question of you being cured. The purpose of being spiritually situated at least chant 16 rounds. How can you expect to make spiritual advancement if you don’t? Never. You are getting a chance to go back to Godhead. Practice the process it will happen the process is meant to take you to the spiritual sky. Devotees don’t care for liberation, whether you here or in the spiritual sky. The fact that we are situated in ISKCON we are in the spiritual sky. Wherever Krishna situates you that is perfect for you. Preaching is a wonderful way of rendering service to Krishna. Why worry? It’s a wonderful process that Srila Prabhupada gave us now it’s up to us how sincerely we will take up the process.
(The content of this E-magazine was based on a Lecture given by His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami on16 September 2015 in Surat, India)
(Compilation & editing by Hemavati Radhika dasi)